We serve Industrial, Environmental, Water, Wastewater, and Commercial Industries.

Industrial and Environmental Industries

 Industries - Industry

Since 1973, North East Technical Sales, Inc., formerly Metcalf Assoc., has been selling process controls to most of the industrial sectors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our diverse product offering allows us to sell into most industries including food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, chemical, environmental, and petrochemical. We take great pride in working with consulting engineers and OEMS in order for them to provide added value to their clients. Since North East's inception in 1973, the fuel storage and pipeline companies, as well as the power companies they serve, have been a core part of our business.

Water and Wastewater Industries

 Industries - Water Wastewater

North East Technical Sales, Inc. has become a leading local supplier of process instrumentation to the water and waste water industries. In 1997, the owners of North East Technical recognized that there would be significant growth in water analysis for the municipal water markets. We have utilized thirty years of industrial instrumentation experience to provide cost effective controls/monitoring solutions to our water and water waste clients.


 Industries - Energy

North East is very fortunate to be located in close proximity to a number of actively drilled shale formations. The lower cost of natural gas along with the production of natural gas liquids has breathed new life into many local refiners and chemical companies. We service all energy sectors including production, midstream, refining, power production and utility (steam / chilled water) generation. Products supplied to this market include instrumentation, valves and mechanical products including storage tanks and meter provers.

Commercial Utility Metering

 Industries - Commercial Utility

Because of rising fuel costs and environmental pressures, increasing numbers of large commercial campuses and facilities are finding it necessary to monitor utility consumption. Monitoring applications include steam, chilled water, BTU's fuel consumption, and potable water. These measurements are typically made for internal sub metering, check metering, or to monitor system efficiencies. Environmental monitoring at these sites may include toxic/combustible boiler room gas detection, stack monitoring and waste water effluent metering.

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