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SCADA Cybersecurity and Electrical Surge Protection Advancements and Implementation Seminars

Critical industries, such as chemical, energy, transportation, and water/wastewater depend on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for daily operations. Strengthening weaknesses in these systems must be a priority. Whether malicious or electrical faults, these critical industries must be protected from operational interruption on a daily basis.

Please join Phoenix Contact and North East Technical Sales to learn about trends in SCADA cybersecurity and best practices for implementing surge protection technology. Three professional development hours (PDH) are available to attendees upon request.


What you'll learn

    • SCADA cybersecurity and utilization of the cloud
      • Introduction to PLCnext Technology
      • Phoenix Contact cloud connectivity overview
      • Best practices for cybersecurity in SCADA applications
      • How to save time and money and increase efficiency with the cloud
    • Electrical surge protection advancements and implementation
      • Overvoltage protection versus overcurrent protection
      • Transient sources and coupling mechanisms
      • Protecting the analog loop
      • Best practices for implementation


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